in house vs sub-contract painting

Sub-Contract VS In-house

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Subcontract VS Inhouse

Sub-Contract VS In-house

Knowing that your work is appreciated with in the company gives you the ability to ensure you quality work is outstanding. At AZ Painting Ltd. we believe that the more time spent on preparation, enhances the quality of the project that much more. With an in-house crew everyone is synchronized together. This ensures that the quality of work is uniform. Not only to your project but to every painting project.

Personally i find that having a company who is working with their employees who they have trained to the crews performance. This gives the consumer true experience that they are expecting. The same experience will also be applicable to their friend or loved once. As they can be assured that the same quality of service and experience will be provided.

It is good to keep in mind that once a project is sub-contracted it could be sourced out again. Due to this it leaves the consumer with a huge bill. You should also keep in mind that the people who are performing the project are making 40% to none profit. Having this concern leaves only one option and that is to cut corners and be able to complete the project in a profitable manner.

At AZ Painting Ltd. This is never the case. We believe a paint job should last longer then 10 years with the premium products that are available in the market.