Transparent Staining Projects

This was an challenging project as it required the current coating to be removed, sanded to perfection and coated with an transparent stain.

Working with wood is very delicate as you could burn the wood or damage it.

Amir Z. found it very essential to work with his in-house crew on this project to ensure together they can have maximum experience on project and be able to enhance the look of this beautiful panorama wood.  

Crews Preparation:

After allowing the panorama wood to dry after giving it a good scrub to remove any algae, dirt and mildew. The crew started applying essential products to remove certain areas current stain and ensure that the wood was not getting damaged. After the coating was removed they crew worked 470 hours to sand all the wood. With help of equipment we managed to get all the straight areas sanded. Once this was completed we required to hand sand all of the edging and ensure that the whole panorama wood was uniformed.

Transparent Staining

This step was very critical. Based on the method that are possible to perform staining can essentially either give you an enhanced view or it can give bad after effects. At AZ Painting Ltd. We took the old school method by brushing each wood individually which ensures that the edge of the product is constantly wet.  It is also very important of the amount of stain is on your brush and how you are applying this.