Exterior House Painting | Wood Siding

Painting wood siding 

The premium line product from Sherwin Williams help AZ Painting workmanship to be well protected from the weather elements that will accrue over the years. We painted this project in 2013 and recently we meet our client to overview the surfaces and the products performance. 

By not protecting exposed wood to weather elements means constant abuse through the years. From hot sun to cold snowy and frosty weather. You want to ensure that the right products are applied properly. From priming to top coat, each step is crucial as it will not take long for failures to accrue. At AZ Painting Ltd. we believe the right work should ensure the product to act as required. 

Do keep in mind that product lines take huge factor on ensuring the surface is well protected and keeps it's color retention. We not only provide premium line products, but proper limited warranties that will ensure the surfaces on your house are well protected.