Transparent Staining Projects

Transparent Staining Projects This was an challenging project as it required the current coating to be removed, sanded to perfection and coated with an transparent stain. Working with wood is very delicate as you could burn the wood or damage it. Amir Z. found it very essential to work with his in-house crew on this […]

AZ Painting - Commercial painters

Interior Commercial Painting Project | Hair Salon

Interior Commercial Painting Project Hair Salon We completed painting the interior of Krave hair salon studio in 2015. This interior commercial painting project required to be scheduled in multiple phases. Once the scheduling was in place we required to have our interior in-house painters  on the project to complete priming and painting the ceilings. Phase […]

Exterior House Painting | Wood Siding

Painting wood siding  The premium line product from Sherwin Williams help AZ Painting workmanship to be well protected from the weather elements that will accrue over the years. We painted this project in 2013 and recently we meet our client to overview the surfaces and the products performance.  By not protecting exposed wood to weather […]