Pressure Washing Services

Residential pressure washing services

Looking to get your beautiful deck ready for the summer or perhaps washing off all the weather debris on the body of the house. Cleaning the exterior of your house is an effective way to keep your property clean and perhaps ready for the summer. At AZ Painting Ltd. We wash drive ways, deck, patio, vinyl siding,  breezy ways and more. Keeping up on the low cost maintenance on your house, you can keep the costly bills down. When the exterior surfaces of the body are cleaned then weather elements will not have the ability to damage the surface area.   


Commercial pressure washing services

Pressure washing the exterior of your commercial building is a great way of showcasing your business. This also applies to multi-residential properties as it is a good way of letting your tenant know that the management does care about the building and proper maintenance programs are in place. Our commercial pressure washing services can enhance the image of your business, house and or retail store. 


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