Interior painting for your house or commercial business 

Consider Home Colours

Consider using cool tones colours in bathrooms, bedrooms, offices and hallways. However, we always suggest that our Burnaby clients to consider the function of whichever room it is that they wish to paint. Bearing in mind your pre-existing decor such as your art collections, rugs, draperies and furnishings will help you determine if a particular colour will clash or fit into a room. A bright colour may not always suit the entire room, but may look fantastic on an accent wall.

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Interior Home Painting

Is your home in need of a face lift for spring? Is your budget tight?at AZ Painting Ltd. We offer fast and affordable interior painting services in Vancouver, Our in-house skilled painters are ready to outfit your home interior with a beautiful new colour of your choosing. If you are unsure of what colour to pick, (our friendly experts) we will be happy to assist you in choosing based on your tastes and the colour of the furniture. At AZ Painting Ltd, we never compromise quality or efficiency. We believe in providing our Vancouver city clients with quality work in a timely fashion. We have managed to build valued relationships with our clients whom we continue to serve.

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How to Choose the Right Interior Paint Colour for Your Home

 Choosing the perfect paint colour for your home can quickly become an overwhelming experience. With over thousands of shades to choose from at the paint store, it is not surprising that many people become overwhelmed. It’s always helpful to break it down by thinking of colour in relation to moods, concepts, feelings and your lighting. These basic colour concepts can help you in selecting the perfect colour for your space. Finally, when you have chosen a colour, don’t be afraid to do a test run before committing to painting the whole room. Painting a small section of the room can help you determine if the colour is right for you.


 The Tone of a Room is Set by its Colour

Warm tones and cool tones evoke different moods in a room. As a rule of thumb, warm tones tend to be in the yellow, orange and red family whereas cool tones tend to be blue, green and purple. Warm tones evoke the following moods and atmospheres:

  • energetic
  • passionate
  • conversational
  • happy
  • lively
  • playtime

Therefore, with these keywords in mind, it is clear that warm toned colours suit rooms that tend to be active such as family rooms, kitchens and activity rooms. On the other hand, cool tones evoke:

  • calm
  • introspection
  • relaxation
  • contemplation
  • meditation
  • solitariness