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Natural Staining

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Natural Stain coating

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The importance of preparation

This project was taken place in a very damp and humid area. It is very important to understand the weather conditions around the project site to ensure that the material will adhere properly to the surface. The preparation to any coating project starts by disinfecting the surfaces. By disinfecting we are referring to cleaning any dirt, mildew, or algae that has been built and trapped between the edges or flat surfaces.
With a proper clean we spent the next five days on sanding all the edges and flat surfaces of the panorama wood. This step is very crucial as once the top coat is applied if the preparation or sanding has been done wrong or with too much force or too little than the top coat natural stain will not penetrate properly and leave thicker coating on the surface.



Amir and i used to work together about 6 years ago back in 2010. Amir is very detailed oriented and strives to be the best in the painting industry.
This is one of the reasons he went on his own and started AZ painting. After we went our separate ways, i got into real Estate as a sales consultant for Sutton Seafair and Started hiring AZ painting to final finish and paint the interior or exterior of my clients homes as a gift package for their purchase.
I can trust Amir and his crew completely to do the best job for my clients and his never let me down. Amir puts his signature final touches on every home.

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Our building at work needed a refresh so I checked out Yelp to find some local businesses.  Glad I found AZ Painting, they were very thorough and detail oriented.  They completed the job quickly with a level of quality that made it well worth it to hire professionals.  I’m confident that our building’s exterior will remain in excellent shape for years to come.


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Amir is fantastic to deal with. Great communication skills and clearly outlines expectations and scope of work. Will certainly recommend to others.

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Sanding methods prior to staining

The importance of sanding and ensuring that you have adequate material sanded prior to staining. As mentioned earlier if the belt machine is heating up and sanding than this will create a burn mark on the surface which than once the stain is applied would show an effect. The time consuming part of ensuring that the outcome of the project is consistent is based on the experience.

Natural staining

Once we have finished sanding the surfaces with a 100 grid sand paper and finished with a smooth sandpaper of 140 grid than we could either wash or blow away any lose debris. The most fun part of a project is when you are staining on the surface. You can notice when you are brushing the wet edge brush on the pre-sanded clean white surface. you will quickly notice that the true color of the wood will raise up.

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