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Solid color – Semi-Transparent – natural transparent staining

Protective stain coating to wooden surfaces

Staining is a protective method to ensure that oak, fir or other natural wood has a beautiful sheen. Currently there are three types of stains available. There is alkyd, polyurethane and waterborne stains. They all, but some more than others, have some gas off prior to drying.

solid color staining AZ Painting
Exterior painting portfolio AZ Painting

Semi-transparent stain colours

Enhance the look of stained wood with a semi-transparent colour. This option can be used to highlight focal point structures of the property with beautiful colours. For the exterior, use the polyurethane or alkyd base stains for protection from weather elements.

Solid color stain

Solid colour stains are opaque colours that can be applied on top of previously natural or semi-transparent stained wood. For the exterior, polyurethane and alkyd finish bases are an outstanding choice as the colour will tend to stay longer.

AZ Painting job well done
Exterior staining project

Natural stain material

A natural stain finish is great for maintenance work  — applying an additional coat every few years. This will ensure that the surface has adequate coating to protect the surface in all weather. We can also apply this product on bare wood as it will enhance the natural look of the wood.

beautiful exterior staining AZ Painting

Natural Staining

We recently completed the natural stain painting of the house shown below. For this job it was extremely important to prepare the wood properly.

Painting the fence

The importance of preparation

The house is located in a very damp and humid area. It is very important to understand the weather conditions around the project site to ensure that the material will adhere properly to the surface. The preparation to any coating project starts by disinfecting the surfaces. By disinfecting we are referring to cleaning any dirt, mildew, or algae that has been trapped between the edges or on the flat surfaces.

Before and after images of deck

Sanding methods prior to staining

After we thoroughly cleaned the surfaces, we spent the next five days sanding all the edges and flat surfaces of the wood. This step is also crucial: if the sanding is not done correctly, the top coat natural stain will not penetrate properly and will leave a thicker coating on the surface. Sanding must be done with a consistent pressure to make sure the surface is sanded evenly without any burn marks from the belt machine.

At work painting house

Natural staining

Once we finished sanding the surfaces with 100 grid sand paper and finished with smooth 140 grid sandpaper, we washed or blew away any loose debris. The most fun part of a project is applying the stain to the clean surface and seeing the true color of the wood emerging.

Best Vancouver caulking service

Which Caulking Should you Use?

Variety of caulking products

Hardware stores carry a variety of caulking material: from silicone to acrylic products, there are many options available. How do you know which caulk is best for your project? Regardless of how the caulk is labeled, it is important to consider what it is made from, how it adheres to different surfaces, and the conditions of where you will be using it, to determine which one to buy. In a bathroom with a shower you would want to use a caulk that has UV and mildew protection, for example.

Silicone caulking

Silicone caulk will seal gaps but you will still be  able to see the original colour of the surface. It is mildew resistant, durable and flexible, but can’t be painted. As such, silicone caulk is best used on areas that already have a factory finish coating. Some best places to use silicone caulk are: sinks, around countertops and backsplash walls or finished stained woods.

Acrylic caulking

Acrylic caulking can be used on many different surfaces such as wood, masonry or tiles to name a few. It can be sanded and painted, but is best used in areas that will not get wet. It is very important to caulk joints to hide gaps and ensure that water can’t seep through and cause damage. Caulking joints also helps to keep the warm air inside and the cold outside.

Need caulking services for your Vancouver area home or business?

Learn more about our caulking services to see why Burnaby, Coquitlam and lower mainland customers enjoy working with us. Or if you’re ready to get started, contact us to discuss your next commercial or residential caulking project today.

Completed waterproofing project

Waterproofing Coating | Exterior Brick Wall

Importance of painting maintenance

This commercial project needed a tremendous amount of preparation before painting the exterior of the building. Weather was damaging the building, especially the mortar around the bricks. Certain sections of the stucco had long cracks and alligator lines. The metal siding had rusted in areas. Some panels required removal for adjustments, before we put them back into place.

Completed waterproofing project
After Waterproofing

Before waterproofing. Building from the street-side
Before Waterproofing

In-house crew preparation

The importance of preparation for a waterproofing coating is critical. The purpose of  waterproofing the brick and stucco walls is to ensure that no further damage will occur to these surfaces. The crew must be knowledgeable  about the materials and skilled enough to apply the right amount of material to the surface for the product to move with the building structure, for the success of this type of coating. This is important, as the product requirements must be followed for the product to truly perform up to its standards. 

in house vs sub-contract painting

Sub-Contract vs In-house

An employee who knows their work is appreciated by the company they work for and will do their best to uphold the company’s standards. With an in-house crew, everyone is synchronized and working towards a common goal. This ensures that the quality of work is uniform, not only for a specific project, but for every painting project.

AZ Painting believes that a company who trains their in-house crew and builds working relationships among their employees is more likely to provide consistent, high quality service and workmanship. This gives our clients a positive experience they can count on. And these consumers know that if they recommend our services to their friends, they too will experience that same quality of service and workmanship. 

It is good to keep in mind that once a project is sub-contracted it could be sourced out again, with the consumer footing the bill. The people who are performing the project often make little profit, forcing them to cut corners to be able to complete the project with some financial gain.

At AZ Painting, this is never the case. We believe a paint job should last longer than 10 years with the premium products that are available in the market. We do the preparation and take the time to do the project right the first time.